'Stuck' scenarios in supervision - PART ONE

Being STUCK in supervisory moments is like sitting with your back to the supervisee. You’ll always miss what’s in FRONT of you.

Developed by Lydia Sterry B.A (hons) M.A

We’re all human, we’re going to be a part of some “good” supervision sessions and even some “good enough” sessions.
Other times we may be a part of some difficult and sometimes challenging sessions.
I’m interested in these challenging sessions.
These sessions are the ones where we might be able to learn something.
Challenging sessions only continue to be challenging if we neglect to make the effort to learn from them.
This course opens up the door of courage to walk through an EXPLORATION of challenges we may find in supervision.

General Course Description

The goal of this ONLINE VIDEO & POWER POINT program is to REFLECT deeply on finding a half way step towards responding to resistances in supervision. The course highlights how by speaking in terms of ‘maybe’, or ‘perhaps’ to the supervisee, we allow BOTH the supervisee and supervisor the mental space to play with these resistances in the session. Once in that “play” mode interaction, resistance maybe lowered, creating room for surprising insights to arrive.

The course is not about looking to give insight to the supervisee about these resistances but rather to let it be discovered by the supervisee and supervisor together. Of course, there are times when we may need to be more sure than tentative, but the course highlights how maybe the understanding is better to arrive from the supervisee’s own cues. Using concrete examples, the course content assists you to wander through certain types of challenges rather than attacking it, being paralyzed by it or running from it. It assists the supervisor and the supervisee to move towards a new narrative that may enable “struggles” to lessen to provide ways of going forward to emerge.

Overall it looks at OPENING UP your viewpoint towards experimenting with Existential Supervision to “meet” resistances in supervision.

Whether you’re a Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Chaplain, Pastoral Carer, Rabbi, Social Worker, Doctor, working with supervisee or trainees, you may benefit from doing this course.

This course is offered as a two-part Program.

Educational Objectives

To explore:

The Supervisee’s Resistance to The Law
Both the Supervisee and Supervisor Assumptions
The Supervisee’s ‘Truth’
The Supervisee’s Overall ‘Felt’ Experience
The Supervisee Resistance with a Particular Relevant Topic
The Supervisee’s Hopeless Feeling of ‘Stuckness’
‘Bad Mouthing’ On Social Media from the Supervisee’s Client
The Grey Areas of the Supervision
Supervision and Therapy Ratios
The Connection or Disconnection with The Client’s Experience
Going Off Track in Supervision
The ‘Unknown’ Lurking
Doubts, Irritations and Disturbances
Using Feedback from The Supervisee and The Supervisor
Reflective Questions

Online Course Materials

Videos Modules: 16
Slides: 149
Hand out files: 3
Approx. duration: 5 hours
Time frame to complete: 3 months
COST: $200
Qualifies for PACFA CPD, Category A and B

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