An Existential Tool Kit for SUPERVISORS

Stretch your perspective by opening new DOORS and PATHWAYS for your SUPERVISEES

Developed by Lydia Sterry B.A (hons) M.A

Increase your supervision tool box
Embrace new ways of thinking about supervision
Consider making sense of the supervisee’s client’s world in different ways
Explore new ways to support the supervisee’s processes as they address their client’s needs
Become energised to adapt or create your own tools to suit your practice

General Course Description

This ONLINE VIDEO & POWER POINT workshop is designed to supplement YOUR supervision skills set with extra SIMPLE TOOLS to address those delicate topics your supervisee may be hesitating with or trying to avoid.

The focus involves “pausing” in certain difficult themes such as death, resistance, fear, lack of connection self, lack of connection with others, endings and more. It takes into account ways to address these sometimes “emerging difficult conversations” as they overlap with one another. Existential philosophical contributions have also been integrated using concrete examples of Sartre's, Heidegger’s, Kierkegaard’s, Merleau Ponty’s, Cohn’s and Yalom’s views of how to possibly work through these themes.

Sometimes adapting our regular interventions with new and old classic ideas can change the way we work with SUPERVISEES. This mixture of “old and new ideas” has been presented as a tool kit to assist BOTH the supervisee and the supervisor to move beyond the “sticky points” in supervision.

The tools are easy to understand and easy to set up.
There is no expensive apparatus to buy, only KNOWLEDGE to be gained.

Overall the course content fulfils a unique reflection of the many different ways supervision maybe worked with. It invites you to encounter these tools for yourself to make connections with your own preferred theoretical language and to discard or develop aspects in whatever way is useful to you.

Whether you’re a psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Chaplain, Pastoral Carer, Rabbi, Social Worker, Doctor, working with supervisee or trainees, you may benefit from doing this course.


To explore:

HOW you may integrate these 18 tools to approach various difficult supervision themes/topics
Using REAL LIFE examples to illustrate WHEN you might use these tools
Addressing WHERE common uncomfortable moments maybe faced or reduced with these TOOLS
Contemplating WHICH possible tools may suit your supervision practice

Online Course Materials

Videos Modules: 8
Slides: 51
Hand out files: 4
Approx. duration: 5 hours
Time frame to complete: 3 months
COST: $200
Qualifies for PACFA CPD, Category A and B

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